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Don't approach mediation unprepared

Many people in Tennessee use mediation to help them complete the divorce process. The benefits can be clear: less cost, faster timeline and a better sense of privacy. Mediation can be easier for children, and help people separate on good terms.

However, practice requires some added preparation as well. It can take an effort to approach the prospect of divorce with an open mind, but doing so can bring a much more agreeable resolution. There are some preparations you can take before your first mediation session to help you reach the outcome you're hoping for.

Have financial information in order

It can be a lot of work to get an inclusive list of finances in order, but it's well worth it. Make sure your ex and you are on the same page with regards to finances. Make sure the numbers add up and you both are accurately representing what's being divided.

Be vocal with any questions or issues

Mediation is the perfect time to address any issues the divorce may cause. If you're worried about things like child custody or fair asset division, bring them up now. Mediation is the place to work out any issues, and it's a lot easier with a trained professional in the room. Make sure the mediator and your ex are aware of all your concerns.

Don't be afraid to ask to talk only to the mediator

Most trained mediators will allow you to spend a couple minutes speaking only to them. This can take some of the pressure off of making requests. Speaking directly to the mediator can help you focus, and bring up something you may be uncomfortable discussing with your ex in the room.

Remember to collaborate

Mediation only works if both sides are willing to work together. Make sure you are able to work alongside your ex-spouse throughout the mediation. Don't let emotions take over, and make sure you are being reasonable as well.

Going through mediation can be a beneficial experience, but it takes collaboration and a reasonable approach. Make sure you and your ex can handle these stipulations before you start. Being prepared for mediation helps the process go smoothly, and allows you to stand up for what you want out of the divorce proceedings.

There are many ways to begin a separation. An attorney skilled in family law can walk you through the options available to you.

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