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Your Duties As An Estate Executor

If you were named in a loved one's will as an estate executor, you have been charged with the task of moving the estate through the process of probate. Probate administration in Tennessee can be complex and is an area of the law where mistakes can be costly.

Our law firm, Amy Broom Pollina, Attorney at Law, aids families with a full spectrum of family law and estate administration issues, including probate. Our founding lawyer began her career as a deputy clerk in the Rutherford County Chancery Court, and has continued her legal education to ensure that you will always receive advice based on the most current case law and legal precedents.

How An Estate Moves Through Probate

Although each estate's journey through probate is unique, many of them have similar milestones as they move along:

  1. The executor or his/her attorney opens the estate in the probate court in the county in which the loved one died, or the county of residence of the deceased person.
  2. Heirs must be provided with a copy of the notice to open probate and the will (if one exists).
  3. A notice to creditors must be published for two consecutive weeks in a local newspaper.
  4. The executor must compile a list of known creditors and send them the notice to creditors.
  5. All debts and outstanding expenses must be paid by the estate before distributing assets to heirs.
  6. Any applicable state or federal taxes must be paid from the estate, and the executor must file a final federal tax return for the deceased.
  7. Once debts, expenses and taxes are paid, asset distribution may begin.
  8. When asset distribution is complete, the executor and his or her attorney may file paperwork with the court to close the estate.

Our experienced probate lawyer can advise you at each stage of the process and help you file the necessary paperwork within the specified time requirements. If you experience challenges in settling the estate due to conflicts with or between heirs, we can help you sort out what is at stake and offer strategies for moving your probate case forward.

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