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Understanding The Importance Of Probate And Estate Administration

If a close family member of yours has passed away, it isn't only the emotions from your loss that must be addressed. There is also the matter of winding up the deceased's affairs, which includes paying debts and transferring property by will or other means to the appropriate parties.

This can be a complicated, challenging process, especially when you're still grieving - and is therefore best faced with trusted legal counsel. This is why, at the office of Amy Broom Pollina, Attorney at Law, we offer skilled guidance to family members and fiduciaries in all aspects of the probate and estate administration process.

How Does Probate Work In Rutherford County?

Probate is a process that is very specific not only to which state you live in, but also to which county or judicial district. In Rutherford County, Tennessee, both Chancery and General Sessions Judges exercise probate jurisdiction.

If a family member of yours died, and you are trying to determine how to proceed, it's important to be aware of the overall value of the property involved. If there is no real estate included, and the overall value of the estate is $50,000 or less, it is possible to use the procedure for small estates.

Regardless of the size of the estate, our namesake attorney can explain to you how this all works and make sure your interests are protected.

How Probate Relates To Estate Planning

You may have heard people say it is good to create a trust or take other steps for distributing property in order to avoid going through the process of probate. Keep in mind that is a generalization, and may or may not apply in your circumstances. Discuss your options with Amy Broom Pollina. She has the up-to-date knowledge of estate planning needed to guide you confidently through all aspects of the probate process.

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