Grandparent / Stepparent Adoption

Many areas of family law involve the aftermath of a married couple splitting up. Disputes over property and children create contentious settings. Conversely, adoptions is a unique aspect of family law that can keep families together with the grandparent or stepparent stepping up to take responsibility. together, adding a new member through the adoption process.

Amy Broom Pollina, the founder of our law firm, receives a great deal of professional satisfaction in bringing families together. She remains at their side as they navigate through a complicated system with a focus on an outcome that is satisfactory and in the best interests of all involved parties.

Grandparent Adoptions

Under Tennessee law, grandparents may adopt a grandchild if the child's parents agree or if parental rights have been or need to be terminated. Grandparents often pursue adoption in situations where the child's parent is in trouble with the law, financially unable to provide for the child, or not adequately providing the child with sufficient care.

Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent adoptions occur when the custodial parent remarries and the new spouse wants to adopt the children. Reasons for a stepparent taking on legal right and responsibilities can include biological mothers or fathers who are deceased or have a track record of inactivity, neglect or abuse in the lives of their child or involve legally complex and emotionally charged issues. Again, as with any other family law case involving adoption, the best interests of the children come first.

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