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The Role Of Mediation In Your Divorce Case

If you are facing the end of your marriage in Tennessee and you have underage children who are part of that family situation, you will be required to attend a divorce mediation session. The mediation process in our state is controlled by Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31. The upside of this requirement is that mediation often works; it is estimated that 60 to 85 percent of divorce cases are settled through mediation before going to court.

At our firm, Amy Broom Pollina, Attorney at Law, our namesake attorney is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 listed Family Mediator. She is qualified to assist you and your ex-spouse in creating a negotiated settlement of your divorce issues that is fair, equitable, and allows you to continue co-parenting with as little friction as possible.

Advantages Of Mediation For Tennessee Families

The state encourages divorcing couples to try mediation before litigating their divorce because there are several real advantages to doing so, including:

  • Mediation can be less expensive. Reaching a negotiated settlement can often be thousands of dollars cheaper than a protracted court battle.
  • Mediation can be quicker. A divorce trial, if it involves multiple motions and the testimony of expert witnesses, can take months to play out.
  • Mediation is less stressful for families. Negotiation avoids the mud-slinging and drama that can happen in court.
  • Mediation allows you more control over the outcome. In a divorce trial, the judge will determine the terms of your divorce. In mediation, you and your ex-spouse decide what terms are acceptable to you both.

The Role Of Your Lawyer In Divorce Negotiations

When Amy takes a case as a family mediator, she is required to act as a neutral, third-party facilitator. Her job is to encourage you and your ex-spouse to come to an agreement. You must still hire an attorney to represent your own interests in your divorce case.

During your mediation sessions, your lawyer can review offers made by opposing counsel, and ensure that your paperwork, including asset lists and other documents, are accurate. He or she can also answer complex legal questions that you may have around custody, support, asset division, or other issues.

Learn More About Amy's Family Mediation Practice

Our lead attorney is happy to answer questions about her role as a family mediator. Call our office in Murfreesboro at 615-617-5455, or email us via our online response form.

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