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Delivering Family Care Through Guardianships And Conservatorships

When loved ones are no longer able to make key decisions about their future, trusted family members or friends are often selected as conservator. If a minor child is without an appropriate parent or custodian, a guardian can be appointed to care for and make decisions for them. Both conservators and guardians hold a position of great authority over finances, medical care and residence for their wards.

A guardian or conservator provides decision-making authority for someone unable to make decisions for himself or herself. Appointed by a judge in Tennessee, they make key decisions about finances, medical care and residence. All major financial decisions must be approved by the court.

A Compassionate Family Law Attorney At Your Side During Life-Changing Times

From the first meeting to the final resolution, Amy Broom Pollina navigates her clients throughout each stage of the legal process involving appointment of a conservator or guardian. Appointees to these positions have a great deal of responsibility and have a number of documents they must file on a regular basis with the court. Our firm can advise you of the details you must attend to, and ensure your paperwork will meet with court approval.

Disputes can arise within a family over what relatives may perceive as a wrongful choice by the appointee. However, our job as your family's lawyer is to get to the facts and protect the rights of clients in need of a voice when they no longer have one.

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