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How Do I Create A Workable Child Custody Schedule?

One of the most contentious issues at stake in any divorce can be how much time each parent will spend with the children. At the law firm of Amy Broom Pollina, Attorney at Law, we seek to assist you in developing a divorce settlement that allows you and your children to thrive in Tennessee. Our firm's namesake lawyer will advise you on the best strategies for creating a custody and parenting plan that will work for you and your children.

The Path To A Functional Child Custody Schedule

There are many factors that the court will look at in determining what sort of custody plan is "in the best interests of the children," including the work schedules of you and your spouse, the relationships between siblings, who else will be living in your home and interacting with your children, and much more. One of the most essential qualities in this equation is a parent's ability to cooperate and co-parent with their ex-spouse.

Our firm will review your situation with you, and help you propose a permanent parenting plan — which is a written record of how you and your ex will care for your children that is included in your divorce decree — that includes a custody schedule that will work for you. We can advise you on the best ways to resolve your parenting conflicts, whether that takes place in a mediation conference or a courtroom.

Should I Agree To A Less-Than-Optimal Parenting Plan?

Your logistical needs and preferences should always be a large part of what ends up in your final divorce documents related to custody scheduling. Our firm will work with you to ensure that everything in your divorce orders are terms with which you can live.

This last point is important because if you and your ex-spouse find yourselves in conflict after your divorce, you may not be able to reach an informal agreement about altering the custody schedule to accommodate something like a change in work hours or vacation leave. If you agree to a parenting plan or custody schedule, you will be expected to follow it, or face contempt of court charges.

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